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This Vessel Is A Fragile Thing

[1 nonbinary, 5 gender neutral]

Over three nights and three dreams a non-binary person explores their relationship with their body, their family, and their desire to escape from the internal and external conflicts surrounding them. 

The first night they dream of turning into a tornado and destroying their hometown. 
The second night they dream of fighting in a war with their grandfather. 
The third night they dream of a future where they can transition into any form they choose. 

As the third dream progresses, it shifts, trying to please and keep them in the dream, away from the real world problems they so desperately want to avoid.

Read this script on the New Play Exchange.


Staged reading at Illinois Wesleyan University - April 2023

Reading with 4615 Theatre Company - Washington, DC, 2020

Workshop production with Where House Ensemble Theatre - Murfreesboro, TN, May 2019

Inkubator On Air! with the Inkubator New Play Development Labratory - Washington, DC, 2019

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