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The air screams around your helmet as you hurtle past the final turn and towards the finish line. Your best friend looks to make a pass that could take both of you out. Do you play it safe and risk losing, or play for glory and risk everything? 

A GMless tabletop roleplaying game by Tristan B Willis and Pete Volk featuring the Firebrands Framework

Writing a new spell doesn’t need to be hard with this step by step guide! Good for spellcasters who prefer the page and those who embrace tech!

Inventing Incantations is a solo, micro roleplaying game that helps you find the words for a spell.

Deep in the wilds, something has woken up. 

Or turned on.

Or arrived. 


The government has discovered an anomaly and they are sending you, a crack team of scientists, explorers, and soldiers, to investigate and ideally bring it back. They know every new discovery is a new chance for power. 


You only know there’s a chance you might never come back.

A single Envoy arrives in a new land, intent on inviting this government and people to join in an alliance with theirs. A Local greets them and offers to lead them to the Capital.


To get there they must journey together, alone across an unwelcoming wilderness, sharing tales of their people and themselves along the journey.

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