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Britt lays down in a bright 80s style button up. A pink landline phone is pressed to their face as t
A show still from Use All Available Doors. A man watches another man wash a woman's feet on the trai
A show still from paper backs. The Artist, seated, watches the Writer look at their painting.
Show still from This Vessel Is A Fragile Thing. A person sits in bright red, green, and blue lights.
Show still from ID. Three women throw their drinks in the face of three men across from them.
A show still from paper backs. The Writer gently washes paint off of the Artist's arms.
Show still from pool (no water). Britt stands, clutching their clothes, and looking up at a light. T
A show still from Use All Available Doors. A woman flies back into a group of people hold blank plac
Show still from pool (no water). Four figures dance under red lights.
A show still from Use All Available Doors. A party, a parade. People dancing on a train car, bright

As a writer working in theatre, live performance, and games, I create stories that bring us together in physical space, and stories that bring us together in distanced space - whether online, outside the window, or over the phone.

From my perspective as a trans and chronically ill writer, my work explores bodies and our relationships to them. This interest shows up in themes, such as death acceptance, and in my stage directions, which often feature bodies in motion and tension. My work thrives in specificity, avoiding the impossible goal of simulating a universal experience. I draw on true stories, fears, and feelings, mixing in absurdity, magic, and camp. 

My time with Orchard Project’s Liveness Lab and CultureHub’s Writing for Electronic Formats ignited a passion in me to join those pushing the boundaries of theatrical form. I’m particularly interested in the intersection of theatre and games. I enjoy making low pressure interactive experiences for participants, from groups of friends around a table to audience members discussing poetry with me over the phone. I think of theatre as a space for recreation and discovery - through play and imagination, we can test new ways of being and being together.

How we make art is more important than the art we make. At its best, my work is unapologetically sincere, and helps my audience and collaborators feel connected and less singular. For a moment they might even feel like a little part of everything.

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