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paper backs

[2 gender neutral]

A scholar and artist navigate their passion for their art and each other while stuck in a relationship that continuously cycles back to the beginning.


"This fascinating play depicts the relationship between an artist and a writer who live together...

The minute I walked into the space for “paper backs” I knew that the experience would be different. The audience sat close to the action, on either side of the space shared by the actors. So not only did the chairs feel like they were in the same small apartment, the audience could also look across and see the other audience members watching. It was all at once uncomfortable and familiar as the actors begin with the unpacking of books and playful banter. Uncomfortable because of the proximity to the actors, yet familiar because of the dialogue between the couple as they navigated the sharing of space and emotions.


The performance lasted an hour, but what a beautiful and intense hour it was!"  - Discover Denton

Production History
Sundown Collaborative Theatre - Denton, TX, 2014

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