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It's For You

It's For You

Copy of IG - It's For You.png
Copy of IG - It's For You.png
Copy of IG - It's For You.png
Copy of IG - It's For You.png

“Hey! I’m so glad you picked up!”


It’s For You is an approximately hour long one-on-one phone conversation with me, Tristan. 

I play myself, you play yourself, and together we'll talk about our environments, our feelings, and some poetry I just can't get out of my head. We'll also create a new poem together. 


Feels like: someone handing you the landline phone ("it's for you!") when unexpected phone calls were still an exciting thing, or that third hour in your first overnight conversation with a new crush.


Writer/Performer - Tristan B Willis

Dramaturg/Co-creator - Joan Cummins

Phone illustration - Dee Harris

Production History

4615 Theatre Company - Washington, DC, 2021

Self-produced - Washington, DC 2020


Lady Of Shalott with phone.png

"This was the loveliest artistic experience I've had in a good while. It felt spontaneous, without ever feeling like I wasn't in good hands. And I have something to keep!"

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