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editing services

I offer two types of editing services:

  • basic copy editing

  • deeper content editing, specifically reading for authenticity and responsible coverage of experiences, identities, & backgrounds similar to my own

Read below for more information and rates. 

Copy Editing


I will proofread your piece and suggest formatting and style improvements. This does not include fact checking, sensitivity reading, or rewriting content and narratives.


Authenticity READING

I will proofread your piece and suggest formatting and style improvements, as well as suggestions and questions for content edits. I will read for responsibly handled stories and characters that pertain to my expertise, and offer suggestions for authenticity. I do not provide rewrites for any mentioned problems.


All pieces must be submitted in a Word or Google doc.

I reserve the right to turn down any project. This includes content editing & authenticity reading for which I am not qualified.

At the moment I am only consistently offering content editing & authenticity reading for pieces featuring gender non-conformance, dysphoria, or AFAB (assigned female at birth) trans and nonbinary characters. I accept pieces featuring characters living with chronic illness on a case by case basis.

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